Daily Mail: Villagers spend 24 hours helping rescue 40ft Polish truck which got trapped on a country lane after driver followed sat nav

November 21st, 2012

An entertaining report from the Daily Mail:

One wrong turning became a 24-hour rescue mission after a hapless Polish lorry driver followed his sat-nav into a dead end.
He had ignored signs warning that the road was not suitable for HGVs and got the 40ft wagon stuck on a tight bend.
A team of around ten workers from a specialist recovery team then spent more than 15 hours digging out earth from the side of the road to ease it free.

A report from Balnaskeag

May 23rd, 2012

A user from Balnaskeag writes:

Directing traffic through a residential single track village, balnaskeag instead of the official route via Kenmore. The official route is totally unsutable for heavy vehicles never mind the residental route.

A report from Barton on Sea

February 14th, 2012

A report from Barton on Sea:

A narrow private unmade road in Barton on Sea runs between Chestnut Avenue and Farm Lane North.

Lorries, paramedics etc. have had great diffculty in getting out. A lorry got stuck on oak tree breaking off a branch.

This narrow lane is only suitable for pedestrians, and is used a lot by children cutting through to school PLEASE remove from SAT NAV DIRECTION

A report from Dorset

December 21st, 2011

A report from Dorset

HGVs using a very narrow winding road from the A30 at Milborne Port through Goathill and Haydon to the A3030 at Alweston.

Utter Madness!

A report from London NW10

September 27th, 2011

A report from Tubbs Road, London, NW10

Heavy lorries frequently pull into our little residential road (Tubbs Road, NW10), and then have to turn around at the barrier a bit further up. Walls in front gardens have been knocked down as a result/.  I support any further regulation of sat nav companies.

A report from Oldham

September 5th, 2011

A report from Uppermill, Oldham:


Reports about the A519 Stafford

August 20th, 2011

Three reports from the A519 Group:

A519 Stafford, currently being used unofficially as the primary route. The primary route in this location is the A518. HGV’s cause ongoing problems along the whole of the A519 as often they are barely able to pass each other. HGV?s roar through the village regularly ignoring 30mph signs. The A519 group is currently campaigning to correct this ludicrous error.

The A519 runs through our village of Woodseaves which has pavements as narrow as 14 inches, (really) which HGVs  have to mount in order to inch past each other….. Our council have found it convenient to allow this, something we are campaigning heavily to change.  The sat-nav companies should be held partly accountable for any accidents that ocurr.

You are sending HGVs down the A519 from Newp[ort to junction 15 of the M6 and in doing so heve made the lives of the villagers (Woodseaves, Eccleshall and Hanchurch a living hell. Woddsseaves has pavements as narrow as 14 inches (yes, really) and lorries have to mount these pavements in order to inch past each other. At some point in the future you may start to be held partly responsible for accidents caused through your re-directing these vehicles. Malfeasance or nonfeasance perhaps… Take responsibility for your actions soon…. before you are forced to by a legal case.

A report from Chorleywood

August 18th, 2011

A report from Chorleywood:

Chorleywood from junction of Dog Kennel Lane and Berry Lane, from Berry Lane at this point it is totally unsuitable all the way to Stag Lane junction.

The amount of times anything over a van size that has been unable to pass is through this section is nearly infinite.

A report from Herefordshire:

August 12th, 2011

A report from Herefordshire:

Our postcode is HR9 7RR.  From the corner near us there is a very narrow single track lane which has almost no passing places, two hairpin bends, a stretch with 1/5 gradient, and badly broken surface  with grass in the middle.  It is about a mile long and at either end there are signs saying “unsuitable for LGVs”.  This lane is the route of choice for all couriers, supermarkets, lorries and trucks!  Please help!


A report from Essex

October 19th, 2010

A farmer writes from Essex

I have a private farm track which courier drivers predominately use as it’s the shortest route between post codes co11 and co7 and when you challenge them they say it must be alright because their sat nav has sent this way.